Farcedude: "No show-boating on campus."

Farcedude suggests: "No show-boating on campus."

Blog Staff Two: There is a time and place for everything. Even those super-duper show-boaters, doing "observed trials" practice on campus do so later in the afternoon after the majority of people are off the sidewalks. I'm not a fan of a categorical elimination of trick-riders from campus, but doing so in a "show-boating" manner somewhat implicitly involves large crowds. If it's not an organized performance, then it's just plain in-the-way, and downright dangerous. Forget the embarrassment of failing at show-boating, GET YOUR TIRE-MARKS OFF MY FACE!

Blog Staff Three: There are two type of DIRC's, the show-boaters and the oblivious riders. Both make campus, especially areas like the tunnel at Kittredge, a shady place to get around. Our campus is such a sweet place to ride a bicycle or skateboard; it's so easy and beautiful. What's it going to take to get the show-boaters to see they don't have anything they need to prove or the oblivious riders to realize operating a bicycle or skateboard requires paying attention?

Blog Staff Four: The majority of campus pathways were designed for getting from point A to point B, not for showing off or doing tricks on your bike. Cyclists that think they have skills and then ride too fast, weave, cut corners, and ride too close to people are of the most dangerous of cyclists on this campus. It doesn't even matter if everyone around them is paying attention, at a high rate of speed or when passing someone with only a foot of room, it only takes a second for an accident to happen. Stop showing off "show-boaters": I'm not impressed.

Blog Staff Five: No show-boating ever! I'm not a fan of show-boaters, even if they drop jaws. Campus serves no justice to hardcore riding, it just isn't the correct terrain for the sport. Sure I've jumped curbs, but not into oncoming pedestrian traffic. It goes back to recognizing the situation. If you think that racing through campus and dropping steps makes you "rad", then you need to locate more self-awareness. DIRCs suck, and they mess up the dynamics of bikers to pedestrians. If you want to be dangerous, irresponsible, reckless, and careless go ride the trails. Boulder offers a great spread and if you only ride campus, you're missing out.

Blog Staff Six: Although I'll admit that it is definitely irritating to be forced to bear witness to the occasional egotistical cyclist's latest tricks, maybe there's a reason why it's such a prevalent event on campus. They have no where else to go. Although cycling in Boulder is ever-evolving, it is no where near the bike culture in Denver, where fixie-riders may ally-cat to their heart's content, and BMX riders have the largest skate-park in Colorado at their disposal. Maybe if these show-boaters were actually given more designated times and places to compete (which is obviously what they want), they would not be endangering the rest of campus. The answer is simple, but it will take some time...develop the bike culture in Boulder and give them somewhere to go...give 'em a crowd!


  1. Bmx is illegal at the skatepark after 10. Freeing the skatepark might help. Another skatepark for bmx wouldn't hurt either.

  2. I mean, I don't mind skateboarding if the guys are cute and they're wearing tight revealing short shorts. Or if they wear shorts with huge peek-a-boo leg openings that hide nothing. Like last week, a cute blond guy with green eyes bumped into me and I wouldn't get up until he took off his shirt. It was just so caloric to see the golden body hairs glisten in the sun, as a streak of sweat trickled down the hairs leading into his briefs. My lips quivered.