Blog Contributor Biographies

Blog Contributor One: a senior in the School of Journalism here at CU. An enthusiastic cyclist, B.C. One rides for fun and exercise as well as the daily commute.

Blog Contributor Two: a former CU student and a current CU employee. An avid cyclist, B.C. Two uses a bicycle for the daily commute as well as the occasional mountain bike trip.

Blog Contributor Three: a senior in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology program here at CU. B.C. Three is passionately devoted to commuting via cycling and hopes to teach her two young children to be devoted and responsible cyclists as well.

Blog Contributor Four: has worked for CU for 3 years. B. C. Four prefers to walk or take the bus for purposes of commuting and would rather hike a mountain trail than cycle on one.

Blog Contributor Five: a senior in the Studio Arts program here at CU. B. C. Five loves all things bicycle related from fixing them to riding them around campus or up into the mountains.

Blog Contributor Six: a sophomore in the English program here at CU. B. C. Six can be seen cycling all over Boulder and campus or scaling the heights at Movement Climbing Gym in town.

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  1. So five of the six contributors are avid bikers? That's a marvelous way to get unbiased opinions regarding cyclist/pedestrian interactions.