Tell us your story.

Welcome to the Reckless at CU blog page. We've set up this page in order to gather stories and rant from the campus community about skateboarding and bicycling on campus. We at the CU Bicycle Program are addressing the rash of reckless bicycling and skateboarding that has afflicted campus, giving bicyclists and skateboarders a bad name.

In recent times on campus, bicyclists and skateboarders have injured pedestrians, themselves and campus property. Just in the past year, bicyclists and skateboarders have been reported to have broken blind-person's canes, injured seeing-eye guide dogs, injured pedestrians walking on sidewalks, run into cars (including some parked!) and more. Have you been hit? Has the skateboarder or bicyclist even stopped to ask if you were o.k.?

These "DIRC's" are giving bicyclists and skateboarders a bad name. We want to hear from bicyclists and skateboarders too! What are the hot spots? What is your perspective?

Please take a moment to write us your story in the comment section below. We will be reviewing these comments, and reporting back to the blog, adding entries as hot topics arise. If you feel you have a long story to tell, you may also email us at and we'll help out by posting your story.